User Registration Approval

When registering on this website, you will need to wait for user approval from Dani. You will need to be approved in order to place orders in our shopping cart and/or place bids in our live auctions. Once approved, you will receive an email and you can then proceed with loggin into the system. 

Koi feeding

Shh…. wait for it, the koi are taking their time to eat…

Koi love watermelon

Koi love to eat watermelon. It contains a lot of vitamins the koi can use. Also during summertime heat, it is a refreshing experience for the koi to eat a cold watermelon. Here some videos of koi eating a watermelon.

Pond visit

A few days a go, Algeric and Shawn visited some customer ponds.  Salt was delivered and a quick health check was done. All koi are healthy. Here some more photo of the visit. 

How to Bid

Only when there is a live auction, you will be able to place a bid. Also, you will need to register if you did not do so.

How to register

You can register following this link. After the approval of your registration you will be able place bids and buy in the shop.

Travel News

When we travel, we will post news here about our travels. For now, we are safely at home, taking care of the kois.

Welcome to the DnaKoiFarm website

Welcome to our new website. We will be organizing online koi auctions on regular basis. Get in contact with us for more information or you can register and become a member.