Koi Tours in Japan

Visit Japan to meet experienced koi breeders.

 If you’re a serious koi enthusiast, then visiting Japan should be something on your list. We’ll help arrange koi tours in Japan so that you can meet with some of the best breeders out there and find out how they breed the exquisite fish. Our team will help you find good prices for your trip.


Koi Pond Design

Designing the koi pond of your dreams.

Add a piece of tranquility to your backyard with your own koi pond. When designing your pond, DnA Koi works with you to create the exact pond you’ve envisioned. We carefully plan out every detail of your pond to ensure it does not only look beautiful but will also last for a long time.


Koi Pond Builder

Adding an expert touch to your pond.

Planning on building a koi pond? Or want some help building it? Let DnA Koi help you! We’ll play an active role all throughout the pond construction process and share our knowledge on a variety of filtration systems to recommend the most ideal one for you.


Koi Pond Rehabilitation

Keeping your koi pond healthy.

If you need help with rehabilitating your old koi pond, then you should turn to the experts at DnA Koi. Our team is here to provide you with the solution to your pond needs, ensuring your koi fish’s health by improving water quality. You can depend on us for a cleaner, healthier pond.


Koi Pond Servicing

koi fish 1

Ensuring the proper care of your pond.

The key to a long-lasting koi pond? Regular servicing. From cleaning your pond to caring for your filters, DnA Koi takes charge of everything so that you can concentrate on enjoying your koi. Enlist our services today and let us help you take great care of your pond.

Have questions? Please feel free to get in touch with us.